The overall structure of the ultrasonic automatic film rolling machine




Ultrasonic automatic film rolling machine adopts Langtaosha ultrasonic automatic film laminator in ultrasonic welding to ensure the stability of the welding process and solve the problem of slow welding efficiency. Ultrasonic welding is an indispensable process in the automobile assembly line in the automobile manufacturing process. The emergence of ultrasonic welding technology has brought a more effective guarantee for the quality of automobiles and has become the new favorite of many automobile manufacturers. In ultrasonic welding, the use of Langtaosha ultrasonic laminating machine can improve processing efficiency. If you want the appearance of the welded product to be more beautiful, you can use the Langtaosha ultrasonic laminating machine.

When welding auto parts, if you want to improve efficiency, please use Langtaosha ultrasonic film laminator. Ultrasonic automatic laminating machine is an auxiliary ultrasonic welding equipment. When there is a problem with the welding product of the ultrasonic welding machine, this machine can be used to solve the problem. If you encounter efficiency problems in welding, you can use Langtaosha ultrasonic laminating machine.

Ultrasonic automatic film rolling machine features: the whole machine is flexible and fast, and the length and width of the film that protects the workpiece is adjustable; the motion speed of the film is adjustable, and the speed of the film roll can be synchronized with the ultrasonic welding time. The overall structure can be adjusted according to the height of the mold and can be locked after adjustment; it is convenient and quick to replace the film after the film is used up. It is an auxiliary ultrasonic welding processing equipment with the advantages of automatic working system, automatic adjustment of film height, adjustable film length and film roll speed can be synchronized with the ultrasonic welding time.