The scale of my country's injection mold market breaks hundreds of billions




Precision injection molds and injection products are widely used in automobiles, electronics and other fields, and the market space is broad. According to relevant statistics, the size of my country's injection mold market in 2019 is approximately RMB 122.721 billion, and my country's plastic parts and other plastic products enterprises above designated size have achieved revenue of RMB 575.09 billion. Whether it is injection molds or injection molded products, there are broad market prospects and room for growth, which have laid a market foundation for the sustained and stable development of enterprises in the industry. As an enterprise with precision injection molds and injection products as its main business, Xiamen Vike Molding Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Vike Molding) has gained technological innovation advantages, products and application areas after 16 years of development. Diversified layout advantages, manufacturing advantages, customer resource advantages, quality control advantages, fast response service advantages, information management advantages and other relatively obvious competitive advantages. With the IPO of the ChiNext, it will be ahead of peers in market competition .