From mold technology to injection molded parts business




Recently, the state has issued a series of encouraging policies to favor the molding industry. This not only creates a good external environment for the development of injection molds and plastic processing industries, but also points out the direction for the development of the industry. Mould is an important foundation of modern industry, and its manufacturing technology level is one of the symbols to measure the manufacturing level of a country. Because of this, Xiamen Weike Moulding Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Weike Moulding) conforms to the development of the times, actively responds to national policies and calls, seizes development opportunities, not only actively promotes its own change, but also aspires to contribute to the overall healthy development of the industry Inject fresh blood.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Wako Plastics is well aware of the power of science and technology, understands that ironmaking requires its own hard truth, and continues to increase investment in technology research and development. While improving technical equipment and scientific research conditions, it also continues to integrate existing Technology research and development capabilities, strengthen R&D design capabilities and engineering technical capabilities, further improve product quality, increase product added value, optimize product structure, and enhance core competitiveness; at the same time, actively create good external conditions and accelerate the construction of marketing and service networks in all regions of the world Work hard to broaden sales channels, strengthen brand awareness, continuously improve brand awareness, and promote the company's steady increase in market share.

It is understood that through continuous independent R&D and innovation, Vico Molding has been deeply involved in the mold industry. In the aspects of precision injection mold design, processing and assembly, injection molding, etc., it has innovated on the basis of the original process and independently developed a number of core technologies. , Has been fruitful. The person in charge of Vike Molding said that these core technologies have doubled their confidence. With these technologies, they are sufficient to meet the development needs of various customers, and the product development cycle is shortened, the process steps of the product are optimized, and the time and cost are greatly saved.

In addition, Wako Plastics is not only struggling to expand its business scope, from precision injection mold technology to the injection molding business field, but also enters the air purifier, glass cleaning machine and other fields. Vike Mould is also planning to develop instant water dispensers, coffee makers and other kitchen appliances in 2020, and the current orders are in good condition. It is reported that the technology independently developed by Wako Moulding can effectively reduce power and noise. It can be used in air purifier products to avoid the resonance point of the wind wheel and the product air duct, making the blowing wind softer and free of abnormal noise. The acquisition of this technology is through theoretical innovation and empirical design of simulation computational fluid dynamics software to optimize the blade shape design method of the backward centrifugal wind wheel with the best aerodynamic performance, and reduce the power and noise without reducing the air volume.